Secrets the Vine Cancun

Secrets the Vine Cancun it is my favorite hotel in Mexico. The pool is amazing, perfect to enjoy with friends and family. Staff is very friendly always ready to help you. Sunbeds are very comfortable, some of them have shadow. i am planing to come back again to Secrets the Vine Cancun on 2017 for one week. Acces to the beach is very easy. They have also security check when you go and when you return from the beach. Each day ther is music show around the pools. Two bars, one for each pool. Watter temperature is perfect for my taste. The pool is closing at 7 pm. The guest of the hotel are rich people and big part of them are from USA. After pool you can go and have a very nice launch or dinner inside the hotel. Massage is aviable on the pool are.  Watter is clean.

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