Snowing like in fairy tales

Hello from Bucharest, my home town. This weekend is snowing and it is very cold in Romania. Cold season starts at the end of november until the end of february. Some years ther is no snow in Bucharest, some ther is alot. This morning temperature was -20 celsius, wich is very cold. When it snows it is like fairy tails, i like to seat next to the window and enjoy the show. Not far from my city ther are alot of places wher you can ski, like Brasov or Sinaia. Winter in Romania it is very nice, alot  of turist are coming to go to ski. Life is much cheaper in my country compare to other countries. Snowing in Bucharest creates one big problem for the trafic, some areas become imposible to use your car.

If you like winter Take alook at my New Year video from Warsaw.

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